Once we receive your order, we have to set the campaign and wait for it to be approved. Usually this takes less than 24 hours, but in some cases – when Google takes longer to approve the campaign, especially on weekends – it may take up to 48 hours.

Yes, all the people who will watch your video are real and targeted – which means potentially interested in your video or its niche. Also, most of the views come from users who are already on YouTube!

Since the views come from real users – who usually also have a connected YouTube account – yes, the video can receive engagements such as likes, dislikes, comments and subscribers. If engagement is something important to you, we recommend buying “Selected views” since engagement will the best you could get.

When you buy a package, we will add for free real shares on authority Facebook pages. They might not necessarely bring direct traffic, but they will increase the video’s ranking as real shares are a powerful metric, especially coming from YouTube’s competitor Facebook. The Facebook shares are a strategy that we use also on out channels and we will add them for free when you place an order. The higher the amount of views purchased, the more shares we will deliver, of course.

We have a pool of over 300 Facebook pages that we created over the years to help rank our videos and articles. We manage all pages through single dashboards so creating many real and relevant shares on different pages comes quite easy for us. No social signals or bots involved 🙂

If you are not satisfied about the campaign you have to contact us and we will stop the campaign within 24 hours. After that, you can decide if you want to use your budget on other videos or get a refund, which will be proportional to the missing views. Do not worry about organic traffic, because Ads views have a separate counter so there will be no issues on the amount refunded. (we will also provide the report).

We try to set the best campaign settings to maximize user engagement and reach people with common interests. We also add shares and embed’s for free to help the video’s ranking. That being said, since the views come from real people, the quality of the video itslef plays a major role. A great video or song can lead to unbelievable results, while a low quality video will perform worse. Our advice is to use these views on your best videos or high quality videos!

Yes, we offer real, manually handwritten comments for your video. Each comment will also include one free like and share. The price is 1$ per comment. You can order the service on this page.
You can also order extra real Facebook shares for your video or blog post on this website.

This depends on the package purchased and the video. Videos with broader interests such as music videos or vlogs will get more views than niche specific videos, such as videos talking about marketing. Also, high quality videos will receive more views since Google will recommend them more often. If we had to quanitify, your video can get from 1000 to 2000 views per day with the ‘Selected’ campaign package and 3000 to 5000 views per day with the ‘inVideo’ campaign. If you want a faster/slower speed, please send us a message after placing the order.

It depends: If you buy ‘Selected’ campaign, yes. Each single click counts! As for “inStream” campaign, YouTube doesn’t count a view fromif the user watches for less than 30 seconds. This means that if your campaign brings 2000 real views but 300 of them leave the video before the 30 seconds mark, YouTube will count (publi) only 1700 views. Source: Google support

If you have any other question, contact us.