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*Fully natural & compliant with YouTube Terms.

**So good that once you start, you might never stop!

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Quickly, how it works

Just count to 3…done!

Step 1: Details
Simply provide your video link, targeting countries and keywords
Step 2: Payment
Proceed to payment via our secure Stripe checkout. After payment, we quickly get to set up your campaign
Step 3: Growth
Let us do what we do best and enjoy authentic, real YouTube growth!
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1) Enter your video link, language and keywords…and relax #easy
2) Soon after payment, we set up and optimize your video campaign for engagement #promotion
3) You get real views, likes & subscribers from highly interested and targeted people! #results

An easy way to promote your video and get organic, amazing results.

Stop it if you don't like it!

Have control and give your money value. If you are unhappy about the results your channel is getting, you can stop your campaign in any moment and we will refund you. 

But, spoiler: you will love them. #satisfaction #money

Not your thing?

At any time, you can interrupt the progress and get a full/partial refund, no questions asked!

You are in control.

Not happy? Fill our form and within a few hours we stop the campaign
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Satisfaction is guaranteed with our policy. Unhappy? Stop the promotion and get your money back.

So, sit back while we promote your channel & boost views, likes, subscribers

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Real people


Each, single view comes from a real human who is already on YouTube. No bots, no pop redirection from shady websites. These are the highest quality views you can get.

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& control

Each campaign is manually set up targeting interested users. And it gets re-targeted each 24h by our expert team. And if you don’t like the results, contact us and we will stop the campaign and – of course – refund your money.


Best price?

Hint: yes

If you set up Ads yourself, you would spend about 20$ per 1000 views. Due to our Google partnership, our ads score and strategies, we do all the work and optimization for a better price. Also cheaper than some providers of fake or low quality views.

Why SniperViews?

Most providers out there simply care about profits, and there’s no better way to profit than have low cost of views (pop traffic, bots). But of course, such traffic won’t grow your channel, but it will eventually damage it. We do care about your channel’s health & growth, that is why with us – a certified YouTube & Google team – you only get organic & quality traffic. 

Simply: Not fu*king up your channel > our profit.
You growth both your views count AND channel.

But if your ONLY goal is to boost the counter of your views, then there are cheaper services, which provide botted views at lower rates 🙂

at SniperViews


We have only 2 services, but the healthiest - & best for growth - YouTube solutions.

Two highly targeted ads campaigns enriched by unique features to maximize the results.

2 Campaign Formula's

Both targeted, but slightly different.
inVideo Views are cheaper while Selected views drive the best results in terms of engagement.
See what you like best!

InVideo Views

  • Real, Targeted & Managed
  • Your video plays before another video as Ad
  • 90% YouTube, 10% External Traffic
  • Premium Social Shares
  • SniperViews Unique Addons™
  • Flat price 14$ per 1000
  • Good Engagement

Selected Views


  • Real, Targeted & Managed
  • Your video thumbnail is shown in home feed or as suggested video. Users watch the video when they click on it
  • 100% YouTube Internal Traffic
  • Premium Social Shares
  • SniperViews Unique Addons™
  • Flat price 24$ per 1000
  • Great Engagement

Which one is better?

We believe Selected views are the most effective for channel growth, as not only they are targeted by us, but it’s the user himself who decides to watch the video, after reading the title and clicking on the thumbnail.
inVideo Views are still an effective solution at a lower price. And, both of them include our unique, extra ingredient for mind blowing results.

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selected ads


Sniper Social boost

We manage an insanely large pool of social media’s, on which your video will be shared, to give that viral like effect to the campaign and make your video highly appreciated by the algorithm of YouTube. Yes, you can will see all the shares in your analytics, so no fake promises here.

#viral  #real #social


Facebook Premium Shares

No matter what you pick, for each order we manually share your video on Facebook pages + automatic share to over 15 social media’s. (see list and how we do it here)
Growth of the channel is the goal and this is why to each order we add real Facebook shares, a strategy that we use for our own channels and a powerful growth hack. Find out here why!

#algorithm #facebook

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Premium organic Growth video campaigns™

” We launched over 2000 YouTube video Ads campaigns, for ourselves and for thousands of clients including popular brands and music artists. And if video ads views are not your thing or you don’t like the performance, just contact us: we will stop the campaign and refund you! “

Stop 'em whenever you want!


2000 +

What do regular clients say?

Client satisfaction and channel’s growth is what drives us.

"We used them for a few video campaigns in August, when we had less people working. The results were good, and the price was even lower than what we would spend if we did the job ourselves. A surprising experience for a service we still use for some of our campaigns"
Virgin Records Italy (music label with Italy's top 100 artists)
"Sniperviews helped our channel to grow and was always ready to answer our questions. We now use ads on our best videos and sometimes on the newest ones. We noticed that when we give a little boost with Ads views, then we start getting recommended traffic too"
Mark & Sarah
Content creators (over 100k YouTube subscribers)

Any question?